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16 July 2007 @ 02:16 pm
Brittany had a party a couple of days ago, and I swear I've never been so fucking bored. Nobody was dancing, everybody was separated by cliques, people were just fucking talking, and there were parents EVERYWHERE staring at us like we were fucking prisoners..
me and a bunch of my friends said "fuck it, we're walking to Kindra's house"
Barri, Adrianna, Marion, Amanda, Alex, and me all walked back to my house which was like a mile away...
we had a plan to make cake and pastries...but I didn't have any oil :/
Adrianna was pissed..but we ended up chilling in my little brother's room all over the bed's..
laster on we went back to the kitchen, laid on top of eachother, and took a shit load of pictures. This iswhen we find out that Marion is camera retarded and can't work a fucking camera!!!
then it started raining...POURING!!! it hadn't rained that hard in Ga all summer
we all decided to strip in the rain and dance
god! Marion looked HOT! he's half black/half italian (HOT!) and he was shirtless dripping wet in the storming rain (hothothothot)
and we're both single, but I didnt' want to do anything with him because Adrianna likes him and they were making out like fiends all night
but when everyone went inside Marion kissed me
it was fucking AMAZING!
but I felt slightly bad later because he's really good friends with Danny..but me and Danny aren't together yet!
I'm a bored mofo

UGH! Danny is Al
I miss him like whoooaaaaa! =[

I really really really really like him
I can't wait until school starts (when we get together) =]
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14 July 2007 @ 11:31 am
I met this guy on myspace about a week ago, and I know it sounds bad..but I'm really really starting to want to be with him.
his name is Danny. He goes to Duluth High School. We've been on the phone everynight this week for atleast 8 hours, and I've seen him 3 times.
we went to the mall together...it was lame, but it was the first time I was meeting him. 2nd time I got Miranda's mom to drive me to his house for like 15 minutes..
last night he paid someone to take him over to my house my 15 seconds because he left my Al this morning
he was holding me hard and I was happy ...but I was afraid to kiss him because chance was RIGHT THERE! so that kiss was like the worst one of all time..I felt terrible..
thank god that wasn't our first kiss..
he really really really likes me
but I want to be single for the rest of the summer, but I really like him too.
OMG! and he knows Madison...(Madi)
he kept on going on and on about this girl, "Madi",but I didnt know he she was so he let me sign onto his myspace and look at her
and it was Madison!!!
I got pissed and just started ranting about her...and how fake she is..and what a liar she is
then when I was done with my stories, Danny was like.."baby...fucking delete her..right now:"

but kelsey just called me
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03 July 2007 @ 01:43 am
Band camp was fucking AMAZING! I met some really cool people. At first, It was lame..my room mates were alright, but I didn't really have any friends.
I started talking to Bobby Mullins (cellist) and he completely rocked my world. (not like that...he's gay) but he opened me up to a million new memorable friends and hook ups :P. I met Charlotte...she meant the most to me and actually became my first real girl hook up. All of the other people I liked were gay..boohoo..but I have WAYYYY too much to talk about...OMG
whatever..it was amazing
that's all I can say...
if you wanna know more
call me

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16 June 2007 @ 12:20 pm
today I'm leaving for two weeks, I'll be back sometime in early July. Brewer went to camp in Arkansas yesterday, so I've been bored out of my mind. I'm about to go to the store and get a few last minute items to pack.
I really hope this is going to make my summer better
this morning was the last time I'm going to see my sister for awhile...my mom told me to say goodbye, but how do I exactly say goodbye??? I don't know how to say goodbye to someone you fuckin live with and talk to everyday.
ugh..now I feel like a retard just letting her leave without a goodbye. Even though she isn't moving out until next week or so...I'll still be gone


I'm so boreeddd
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14 June 2007 @ 07:05 pm
I'm so mad at you, barri...liek not like emo mad, and not like I hate you..but OMG
I just can't believe you would go that far with it..
I told you you could take like 1 or 2
not 6 or 8..or however many you took (I think it was 6)
it wasn't funny..I don't think you understand at fucking all
then chasing it down with alcohol!!! are you fucking stupid!!
why the hell would you do that?
you knew you were high...don't pretend like you aren't when you are...
I told you to stop
I told you to go throw it up
I told you to go lay down
I told you to go and drink water
..all the noise you made
all of the crazy things you did with jello..lol are you serious?
the comments you left people that they're blaming me on..
this really isn't cool
I can't believe you'd do something like that and then not think that they wouldn't work
you can't do shit at my house anymore
I'm not going to spend my entire night worrying and having to watch you..
this isn't only going to get you in trouble if my mom woke up...but I would be obliterated...

I'm not supplying you with anything anymore
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11 June 2007 @ 06:22 pm
Ashton's party was yesterday...
it was pretty interesting
people were "skitching" and the cops came..
Anzlie and friends were smoking..
there was no keg, but there was a make-out room! lol ..that nobody used..
I used the backyard
I hung out mainly with Barri, Brewer, Lisenbee, and some more of Brewer's friends..
I made out with Brewer, Lisenbee, and Busbee XD
and many peopel grabbed my ass..

I'm bored
I don't feel like remembering
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I overheard my mom yelling at Laura last night. the conversation was vague because it was being muffled by the t.v and their whispers, purposely so I can't hear!
all I heard was something about Laura moving out because of her ridiculous drinking habit. I dont' understand how she can DRINK and DRINK and DRINK...after almost needing a liver transplant and being hospitalized.
I love to drink too, but I don't drink everyday constantly, and I am most deffinitely not dependent. I also wouldn't be able to drink if it was life threatening.
UGGGHHH! what a retard!
my mom talked to me today and kicking her out. She told me she can't handle it anymore..because she thinks Laura is stealing from her to support her habit. Laura is moving to TX to live with my grandma.
this is kiling me
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08 June 2007 @ 03:42 am
I woke up yesterday morning wanting to see Bobby, and yet, I went back to bed. Barri and I finally woke up (later than expected) to work on our "mind expanding". we made a SCRAPBOOK! with pages of bullshit pictures, acting like we worked on it for 3 hours. Bobby called me later.
"Hey, me and Noah are going to come over...mmkay?"
so they came over, and they brought along Jeremy Kilpatrick..who I've been trying to get Barri to meet for awhile. They live a few houses away from eachother and he's willing to supply her with pot if he gets alcohol in return; sounds like a fucking party!!!!I'm going to ask Bobby tomorrow for his number.
I watched them all play basketball for awhile and Barri kicked there "SKANKY WHITE BOY ASSES!!!!!" and she did...until she had to forfeit the game. She had insanely HUGE blood blisters..they are fucking disgusting...and HUGE! she can barely walk..it's sad. Her mom did nothing but yell at her about how stupid she was.
Bobby was being weird...yeah, he was looking at me a lot and smiling, but he barely talked to me...and he only hugged me when I kissed him..whatever

I've been soaking Barri's feet all night in epson salt and smothering them with lavender oil...

peace, bitches!!!
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lol not to try to pull of James St James' writers block, but I've been trying to start my book..and it's fucking HARD!!!
ugh! now I understand why people write memoirs...
I mean, I could just write about being a teenager or maybe a whole book on being 14; but there's so much more to my life!
poverty, abuse, addiction, anorexia, moving, fear, self destruction...fucking everything I went through before I was even 12
this is driving me insane
maybe I should write about now..and have flashbacks?
BARRI!!! what should I do??????????

hope you're having fun without me, BITCH!
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05 June 2007 @ 06:44 pm
Today = most boring day of my life !!!!!
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